ArtComp August 2010

Alexandra Newman to demonstrate Pysanky

Alexandra Newman, a professional writer for half a century, will be demonstrating the art of writing pysanky at Molly Bea’s during Chesterton’s ARTour 2010.

Most people can easily comprehend the image of a writer as a journalist, magazine contributor and even as a writer of a theatrical show – all of which Alexandra has accomplished in her varied career in communications. However, few are aware the delicate art of creating pysanky is done by writing the designs on eggs. She is a master writer in that category also.

The Chesterton Art Center | Alexandra Newman

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Join her Saturday, September 25 at Molly B’s, 176 Indian Boundary Road, for ARTour 2010 to learn more about the mysteries of an art that has been acknowledged as the epitome of egg decoration.