Dirk Wales Show March 2010

The work of writer and mixed media artist Dirk Wales was the featured exhibit in March 2010 at the Chesterton Art Center. Dirk divides his time between Chicago and New Mexico, and participated last year’s Chesterton Art Fair. He is the author of “A Lucky Dog” and “The Further Adventures of A Lucky Dog”. His mixed media pieces combine his love of words and pictures.

“This show may be a combination of years of creative stimulation…first by photography- and then by adding things, it becomes mixed media. My artistic hero is Joseph Cornell, who was the American surrealist who created ‘box art’ that is, collage and assemblage in a box. I love this, and it has become my path,” says Wales.

Beginning in 1992, Dirk has had the good fortune to have his work in galleries in Santa Fe, Chicago, New York, and China. Some highlights of his work are The Number Series, The Heaven and Hell Boxes, a second prize for his all-glass bird house, and most recently, a return to photography in The Marble Series where the objects appear to be flowing in space- how does he do that without digital assistance?

It’s all about letting your creative mind go and think, both inside and outside the Box.