The Art of Jet Wittenberg October 2010

Our October show in the gallery was the art of Portage artist Jet Wittenberg. Jet studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, as well as the Art Institute of Chicago. Jet has many pieces in private collections, both corporate and small businesses. Her work has been a part of many juried shows and she has also been an exhibitor at the Chesterton Art Fair. Her paintings are featured in many galleries across the United States, including Hawaii. Jet and her husband Ken, a commercial artist, combined their talents to create the children’s book called Orphans of the Jungle, that was inspired by their trip to Africa. Seeing the spectacular beauty of the country, and the wide variety and number of animals roaming freely inspired the book that they wanted to share with others. The Opening Reception for the Art of Jet Wittenberg was held on Sunday, October 3.