The Empowerment Project 2011

Deborah Landry 2010

Porter mixed media artist Deborah Landry is shown at her sewing machine where she creates her Empowerment line of Super Woman Capes, Power Purses, and Femie scarves.

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Ladies, do you ever feel like you need to be Super Woman to just get through your day? Then Porter mixed media artist Deborah Landry has a cape for you. From January 10 through February 21, Landry will be featuring her Empowerment Project Super Woman Capes, Power Purses, and Femi scarves at the Chesterton Art Center. Deborah has created sculptures in the form of purses, capes and scarves that help nurture the internal dialog of empowerment.

According to Landry, “As a practice, women give and give and forget to feed their own spirit. Women are the heart of the world. They are the family center where respect, communication, tolerance, love and charity develop and grow. In the busy and sometimes overwhelming world women forget to pay homage to their own strength. This body of work helps us remember to ‘Love yourself first’”.

The scarves are created with handmade felt using wools and Alpaca fur along with silks and threads. She creates the felt and then cuts out the empowering words. Then a border is sewn along the edge to really make the phrase stand out. The scarves come with a custom made peg to be installed on the wall. The scarves can be worn, as well as become a conversation piece of art work. They are designed so that only the wearer knows what it says.

Each Power Purse is handcrafted and has phrases sewn inside to awaken the reader. The purses are designed to individually speak to the owner. Each Power Purse comes with a peg to hang your new work of art on while not in use.

The capes are designed to be wall sculptures as well as wearable pieces of art. Each one comes with an artistic hanger and peg individually designed for each cape. This will allow the cape to always have a place to go on a wall, as well as have artwork remain when it is being worn. The capes are created so that the “SW” can be worn on the inside or the outside. Inside the SW design are words of empowerment. When the capes are worn the wearer is literally wrapping them self in words of empowerment.

On Saturday, January 15, Landry will lead an Empowerment Card Workshop from 10 am until 2 pm. All are welcome to drop in and create cards inspired by empowerment. All the materials and directions will be provided by Deborah. Cards made by Deborah will also be available to purchase. To learn more, visit the artist’s website at www.
The Opening Reception will also be held on Saturday, January 15 from 2 pm until 4 pm at the Chesterton Art Center, located at 115 S. 4th St. in Chesterton. There is no charge to attend the Card Workshop or Opening Reception. The artist is offering a 10% discount on purchases of her work on the day of the reception. For more information, call the Chesterton Art Center at 219-926-4711. Visit the Chesterton Art Center’s website at