Works in Ceramics by Derek Walter

“Earth and Ice”

Works in Ceramics by Derek Walter in the back gallery through March

Derek Walter, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Indiana University Northwest will be exhibiting ceramic work at the Chesterton Art Center in March.

Derek Walter

Derek Walter

Derek has traveled extensively, teaching both in China and Japan. He has also taught at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. At IU Northwest he teaches wheel throwing and hand building techniques to beginning, intermediate and advanced students.

“I love clay, it was the medium that inspired me to be an artist. I started with the potter’s wheel and eventually began hand building. This latest body is entirely hand built in my studio here in Northwest Indiana. This work is best summed up with the title: Earth & Ice.

These sculptures capture a moment frozen in time using the formal sculptural elements of line, mass and space. They are influenced by the transformative relationship of ice sheets moving across the earth and revealing unseen rock formations. Some of these sculptures have variable positions, much the way a stone is found in nature. A sense of timelessness and timeliness is embodied within these forms. They are a combination of stoneware and porcelain with celadon glaze on the porcelain pieces.”

Hours are Monday through Friday 11 am until 4 pm, and weekends 1-4 pm. There is no charge to view the show.