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The Chesterton Art Center presents our February Exhibits:


“Unbroken and (A)live Exhibition” by Frontline Foundations 

and “Quilting Gone Wrong” by the students of Leslie Cefali




Frontline Foundations will be presenting, “Unbroken and (A)live Exhibition“. The body of the exhibition consists of new artwork created by largely untrained client artists in the Frontline Foundations Art Recovery Program. This program, under the direction of addiction counselors, Rachel Cloud, Allen Grecula, and artist/facilitator Brian Dortmund, thoughtfully encourages the use of artistic mediums in positive self-expression to aid in recovery.

Brian works with the clients in the Art Recovery Program to draw upon their own life stories to create compelling visual art. Their featured works are vivid, personal, and sometimes raw, consisting on imagery created from personal narratives. These pieces act as a window into the thoughts, struggles, and work involved in the positive healing process of recovering from addiction. The Salt Exchange Music Program will be performing at the opening reception, also representing Frontline Foundation.

The “Quilting Gone Wrong” exhibit represents the work of playful participants from Quilting Gone Wrong classes, taught by Leslie Cefali. During class, all rules of quilting (hidden knots, carefully turned edges, precise and perfect corners, small and even stitches, traditional pattern pieces) are tossed out the window. The allure of these fabric pieces is the big, bold, beautiful colors, textures, and most often, beads, buttons, and bangles – lots of beads, buttons, and bangles!
In class, quilters are encouraged to work with geometric shapes, making sure they are uneven, wonky, over-sized, and crooked. Even stitches and exact embroidery are discouraged. There are no straight edges or borders on pieces allowed. Some people find this artistic approach freeing, while others find it difficult – dipping into a new area of the brain that accepts and celebrate imperfections.
The Quilting Gone Wrong exhibit will include the work of approximately twelve students who have participated in a class with Leslie Cefali over the last five years.  Some are artists who have never sewn. Some are artists who are comfortable thinking with a creative twist. Some are quilters who have not ventured from quilting precision and quilt construction rules, but were willing to take the risk.  All are creative souls who enjoy working with their hands and expressing themselves through color, texture  and form; all willing to shake the constraints of fine traditional quilting techniques.


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